Rishiraj is a Google Developer Expert in ML (1st GDE from Generative AI & Keras sub-category in India). He is a Machine Learning Engineer at Tensorlake, worked at Dynopii & Celebal at past and is a Hugging Face πŸ€— Fellow. He is the organizer of TensorFlow User Group Kolkata and have been a Google Summer of Code contributor at TensorFlow. He is a Kaggle Competitions Master and have been a KaggleX BIPOC Grant Mentor. Rishiraj specializes in the domain of Natural Language Processing and Speech Technologies.


  • Tensorlake Inc. (Consultant)
    Building knowledge for LLMs using a reactive extraction engine for un-structured data like PDFs.
  • PrediQt Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Senior AI/ML Engineer)
    Worked on pretraining and supervised finetuning of Large Language Models for e-commerce platforms.
  • Dynopii Inc. (Machine Learning Engineer)
    Worked on ML pipelines for conversational AI, speech / audio generation, conversion and deployment.
  • Celebal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Data Scientist)
    Worked on Classical ML, NLP, Statistical Algorithm, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Python and SQL.


  • Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning (Generative AI & Keras)
    A Google Developers Expert (GDE) is a person recognized by Google as having exemplary expertise in web technologies or Google Developers products.
  • TensorFlow User Group Kolkata (Organizer)
    TensorFlow User Groups (TFUGs) are communities of developers, engineers, data scientists, and ML practitioners who are passionate about TensorFlow and related technologies.
  • Google Developer Groups Cloud Kolkata (Core Team)
    Google Developer Groups (GDGs) Cloud are communities of developers, engineers, and cloud architects who are passionate about Google Cloud Platform and related technologies.


Sayak Paul
Machine Learning Engineer at Hugging Face, GDE in ML, GSoC Mentor at TensorFlow, Intel Software Innovator

Rishiraj and I worked together for a Kaggle Competition. I had already known Rishiraj and all his achievements by that time as he is my college junior. But after working together I got to witness how humble and how intelligent Rishiraj is.

I found Rishiraj to be a great communicator, an off-the-shelf and creative thinker, and a passionate hard-working individual. His quest for being able to apply ML skills creatively is infectious. I vividly remember how quickly he was able to incorporate an idea I had casually suggested into our competition pipeline notebook. He studied many relevant resources around object detection specific augmentation policies, and resolution discrepancy within no time and applied them in practice. In short, I learned a lot from him and I am even applying some of those learnings in my own projects.

Besides being great at ML, he’s also a chess player and is just as passionate about it. I wish Rishiraj an amazing career ahead.